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of non woven abrasive fibre

Fibre in rolls

The abrasive and no scratch fibre is also available in film-wrapped rolls.

Rolls of fibre

fibre in ROLLS
BINDER Acrylic, Phenolic, Ureic
STAPLE FIBRE Nylon, Polyester, Natural
ABRASIVE Quartz, Synthetic Corundum, No scratch powder
QUALITY Superior, High, Medium, Standard, Economical
USE Abrasive, Non abrasive
SIZE 1x75m, 2x75m and on demand
WEIGHT from 200 g/mq to 1.400 g/mq
THICKNESS from 4,5 mm to 13 mm
COLOURS Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Pink, Light blue, Orange, Violet , White and, on demand, based on pantone code

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