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OHSAS 18001:2007 Certification

Our mission is to have great products, and we believe that this can be achieved only by providing better working conditions to all our staff.

For a SME like ours, it is crucial to focus the efforts and progress made in this direction. We became a company with an integrated quality management (ISO 9001) system, taking care about   environment (ISO 14001) and, further from now, health and safety at work (OHSAS 18001).This means having promoted the development of a company that operates a constant control and has a 360 degrees view of all the activities that take place within it, and have impact on the environment.

The organizational principles that derive from this certification affect the internal activities and its structure deeply. The primary objective is control, awareness and risk reduction; this means pursuing a project of continuous improving on ongoing company performances, demonstrating commitment and respect for all people who work in it.

Our goal is to create a work environment more safe and secure, by managing responsibly working conditions of all our staff, and the achieved certification helps us to promote a process of continuous improvement.

Having obtained OHSAS certification 18001 it’s a great pride, and this result has been possible only thanks to the help and participation of all our people; each single person, with its own support, has contributed significantly to get this important goal.

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