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Corporate Sustainability

Corazzi Fibre confirms its strong commitment to the sustainability of its business, through sustainable investments and great attention to innovation. We take care of the surrounding and global environment using recycled and natural materials, saving water and energy, designing our fibres with sustainable raw materials, reducing waste and ensuring that the health and safety of our workers are a top priority.



All our materials intended for household cleaning products are made of 100% recycled fibres.
Over 90% of the fibres used in our products come from the recycling of over 76 million 0.5 l plastic bottles, proof of our constant commitment to promoting circular economy and reducing dependency on virgin raw materials.
The company adopts high sustainability standards in the approval of suppliers, promoting research and development of new materials, and increasingly efficient production processes with a low environmental impact.



Another topic of great attention and commitment is saving water.
Through investments in advanced recovery and recycling technologies, and optimised production processes, Corazzi Fibre has reduced its water consumption by 50% over the last five years (2019-23), saving over 6,000 m3 of precious water (the equivalent of almost 3 Olympic pools), and is committed to continuing in this direction, through increasingly responsible use.



Helping to keep the air that we breathe clean has always been a priority for us.
In this direction too, for some time now Corazzi Fibre has embarked on an important journey, investing in state-of-the-art technologies, applied directly to products and production plants, to greatly reduce significant emissions into the atmosphere.
Through an advanced abatement system, combined with work to develop and use sustainable materials, atmospheric emissions were reduced by 84% in the five year period from 2019 to 2023; an important result that reinforces the desire to continuously improve it.



The company is strongly committed to responsible waste management, adopting a series of measures to limit the amount of waste produced during the various production processes.
Through a policy of reduction, re-use and recycling of materials, over the last five years (2019-23) Corazzi Fibre has reduced its waste by over 25%, also improving the management of its treatment, through the implementation of an efficient waste management system, designed to maximise resource recovery and minimise environmental impact.



Through continuous improvement of the efficiency of the lines and the use of the latest technologies in the field of power management, intensive monitoring and reduction of energy-intensive components (gas and electricity) has been implemented, in order to be able to offer materials with high technological content and sustainability.


SUSTAINABLE FINANCE – Certified Sustainable Future Financing

Sustainable finance is application of the concept of sustainable development to financial activities and hence finance that takes ESG factors into consideration in the investment decision process, directing capital towards longer term sustainable activities and projects.
Corazzi has supported, and will continue to support, investments using financial instruments linked to the attainment of sustainability targets predefined and certified by external services such as EcoVadis.

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