The leading european manufacturer

of non woven abrasive fibre

70o anniversario findazione Corazzi


Forno nuovoCorazzi plant and equipment for the production of abrasive fibres rank among the biggest and most modern in Europe stretching along a surface of 18.000 sqm spread on an overall area of 35.000 sqm.

Due to its policy, based on constant investment in innovation, the company can take advantage of the most advanced production technology available, thus enabling Corazzi to offer the market innovative, and sometimes even exclusive solutions at competitive conditions and with a high quality standard.

With more than 60 years of history, 30 of which spent acquiring experience in the production of abrasive fibres, Corazzi can offer a complete range of non-woven abrasive fabrics meeting any market demand for both household and professional cleaning in addition to industrial processings.

In both household and professional sectors, Corazzi provides its customers with a comprehensive range of finished products, under either its own brand or private labels, thanks to the adjustability of its coupling, cutting and packaging automated lines.

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