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of non woven abrasive fibre

70o anniversario findazione Corazzi


Corazzi Fibre supplies converting companies with its wide range of abrasive fibre, available in several sizes and even coupled with sponge, suitable to be further processed.

Abrasive and No scratch fibre

Wide range of fibres distinguished by quality, abrasiveness, performance, colours.

Innovation fibre

Fibres whose peculiar performances for specific purposes outcome from the constant research of new solutions.

Fibre with special treatment

Fibres submitted to particular processes whose results meet any request of the most demanding market.

Fibre coupled with Sponge

Polyester and cellulose sponge coupled with different types of all-purpose fibre.

Eco friendly scouring cloth

Abrasive cotton cloth made from eco-friendly components.


Sponge produced with a particular no scratch coating, especially suitable for the cleaning of delicate surfaces.

Body Care

Sponges in polyether and cellulose with different density in a wide colour palette, also available as coupled with a massage sponge.

Body Massage Fibre

Special fibre specifically developed for a delicate skin scrubbing effect.

Sponge Cloth

Pure cellulose sponge cloth in a wide colour palette and with inner weft for an enhanced resistance.

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