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Fibres for floor pads

High-thickness fibreThe high tickness fibre Corazzi is manufactured using Rando technology to guarantee everlasting results of the non woven web as well as the best spray and impregnation techniques for an optimal distribution of the abrasive grains throughout the web, thus obtaining the highest performances for any floor cleaning requirement.

A Premium line, whose colours Black, Green, Blue and Red use 100% Nylon to enhance their performances and life span, is available. The Brown fibre, thanks to a specific structure of Polyester with a high concentration of resins and minerals, offers the utmost resistance when acids are used.
The additional available lines Plus and Standard with polyester-based products, even if economically more competitive, provide a good performance level.

The maximum size of the rolls is 2×40 m.
The main purpose of this line is the conversion into floor pads for floor cleaning.

The details concerning the main applications are displayed in the Floor Pads page.

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