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The same webs of the floor pads have been converted into a rectangular shape suitable to be employed in hard-to-reach areas, inaccessible by floor pads, such as corners, stairs and skirtings.

  • Black Pad
    Black Pad

    High aggressiveness, suitable for heavy duty stripping before applying protective coatings, excellent for the removal of wax build-ups. High resistance to acid detergents.

  • Brown Pad
    Brown Pad

    High aggressiveness, specially conceived polyester structure with a high density of resins and minerals. High resistance to acid detergents.

  • Green Pad
    Green Pad

    Medium aggressiveness, suitable for light duty scrubbing of unprotected floors.

  • Blue Pad
    Blue Pad

    Low aggressiveness, suitable for finishes, maintenance of dirty floors and frequent cleanings.

  • White Pad
    White Pad

    Abrasive-free, suitable for floor polishing. It is advisable to use it after a damp and dry mopping.

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